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This page will track CinemaDNG to the extent that it is relevant to "still camera DNG". It is unlikely ever to provide as much detail as is provided here for DNG, simply because it is not a topic I am personally interested in (yet!)

(But since I now have a Pentax K-7, which supports DNG and also has movie-mode, (although not one that uses DNG), this may change with future Pentax cameras I am likely to buy).


7 March 2008: for interest, the domain name was registered on 7  March 2008. Here is a subset of the "Whois" response:

Registrant Adobe Systems Incorporated
345 Park Avenue
San Jose, CA, 95110
Created 07-Mar-2008 21:09:34 UTC
Expires 07-Mar-2010 21:09:34 UTC

14 April 2008: Adobe issued a press release that said:

"Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced that it plans to lead an initiative to define an industry-wide open file format for digital cinema files to streamline workflows and help ensure easy archiving and exchange. Adobe intends to leverage its successful Digital Negative Specification (DNG) file format as a foundation, and Adobe plans to work with a broad coalition of leading camera manufacturers, including Panavision, Silicon Imaging, Dalsa, Weisscam, and ARRI—along with software vendors, including Iridas and The Foundry, and codec provider CineForm—to define the requirements for an open, publicly documented file format that it plans to call CinemaDNG.

"Adobe is currently working to develop the requirements of the CinemaDNG workflow and intends to subsequently publish a specification for the file format based on collaboration with companies throughout the industry."

10 September 2009: Adobe Labs made available pre-release versions of specifications and products for handling CinemaDNG. See external links.

"CinemaDNG is an open, documented format leveraging standard formats for video and imaging — DNG, TIFF, TIFF/EP, MXF, XMP. Each image is encoded using the DNG image format. The image stream can be stored in one of two formats: either as video essence in an MXF file, or as a sequence of image files in a file directory....

"The CinemaDNG format is standards-based. The image encoding is based on the DNG specification, compliant with current DNG readers, compatible with the TIFF6 and TIFF/EP specifications, using published TIFF6, TIFF/EP and DNG tags....

"There are no known intellectual property encumbrances or license requirements for CinemaDNG or its underlying formats DNG, TIFF, XMP, or MXF....

"Each image shall be stored in the DNG format. See the DNG Specification.... Compliant decoders shall support DNG version 1.1. Support of later versions is optional...."

Companies and products

The companies listed in the April 2008 announcement and those in the September 2009 announcement are not the same list, but overlap:

April 2008 September 2009 Comments
Silicon Imaging Silicon Imaging Silicon Imaging already uses the existing DNG as its "stills" format from its SI-1920HDVR digital cine camera.
Products that support DNG | Silicon Imaging Oscar Filmmaking Digital Cinema Cameras go 3D
Weisscam Weisscam  
Iridas Iridas IRIDAS Supports CinemaDNG RAW Standard | Solutions for RAW Workflows: "RealTime RAW works up to 4K in real time with uncompressed RAW formats such as CinemaDNG"
The Foundry The Foundry  
CineForm   Blog: "When products ship using cinema DNG , like the ikonoskop DII, cineform plans a conversion solution which will be performed during card offload". (But Cineform now appears to have stopped talking about DNG or CinemaDNG).
  Gamma & Density 3cP - Cinematographer's Color Correction Program

The first movie camera to use DNG uses the still-camera version described on these pages: Ikonoskop - A-cam dII.
One comment states: "The dII is firmware-upgradeable via USB, so when the new Cinema DNG standard is finalized the camera can be updated to support that option".
Products that support DNG
There is a lengthy discussion here.

  RadiantGrid RadiantGrid Technologies Launches v5.0 of the RadiantGrid Platform at IBC 2009 | Digital Cinema Companies "Solution Benefits ... Digital Cinema formats ... Adobe CinemaDNG"
  Synthetic Aperture  
  Vision Research Products that support DNG | Forum query (cinemaDNG)

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