How to convert an atheist

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This is a systematic framework for attempting to cause an atheist to believe your god exists and to worship your god. You need to supply specific arguments and evidence to use within this framework, but I provide some assistance.

(When I am referring to a specific god, I use a conventional name such as "Yahweh", " God", "Allah", or "Brahma". Otherwise, I use "god(s)", etc . The latter is not intended to be disrespectful).


I have long realised that I don't believe in gods, and that I believe that the universe is controlled by unintelligent forces and processes. If I am wrong, I want to find out. But I feel that most conversion material insults my intelligence. Authors typically don't try to understand how individual atheists think and so use irrelevant arguments, they often use fallacious logic, and they rarely provide suitable evidence.

This is an attempt to help such authors avoid insulting the intelligence of atheists in future. It isn't complete. I don't know everything needed for conversion, otherwise I wouldn't still be an atheist. But this should enable people to demonstrate that they have done their homework, and combined with other material it may provide the basis for making a convincing case.

I have treated this like a serious consulting task. I have tried not to insult the intelligence of my readers.

(It is sometimes said that "people don't convert people, only god converts people". In that case, these pages may help religious people avoid insulting their god with sloppy assistance).

The framework

There are 5 more pages, accessed from the following links. It is probably best to skim from top to bottom to appreciate the content, then restart from the top. Preparation is very important. (See also Discussion below).

Link to Prepare to make the case
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(This method isn't confined the Christianity, so there is no significance to the combined shape of the links above!)


In order to focus on the key elements of the method, I have placed various discussions in a separate "Discussion" page. That page contains details that would make the method appear daunting, plus lots of personal views that may be irrelevant for the conversion of other atheists. You can read the discussion page independently, but typically you only need read about particular topics as they arise.

In addition, other pages on this website have relevant information which needn't be duplicated in this framework.

So the main pages sometimes have references like those below:

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