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Examples of what non-Muslims typically don't want

Unfortunately, there are rather a lot of cases of the sort of behaviour non-Muslims typically don't want in the UK. The main page on this topic concentrates mainly on more recent or illustrative examples. When older or somewhat repetitive examples are removed from there, they are copied to here.

Violence and attempts at it

We wish we rarely saw evidence in our media of violence in the UK committed in the name of Islam, or evidence of attempts or conspiracies to commit violence in the UK in the name of Islam.

Incitement - hatred & violence

We wish that we rarely saw evidence in our media of incitement of hatred and/or violence by Muslims (anywhere) towards UK non-Muslims.

Barbaric practices

We wish we rarely saw evidence in our media of obscene practices in the UK such as FGM (Female Genital Mutilation), Forced Marriage, and Honour Killings. (Some of these not demanded by Islam. Some are practised by other groups too).

Opposition to Human Rights

One unacceptable aspect of creeping Islamisation is the gradual erosion of Universal Human Rights, both of Muslims and non-Muslims. Islam is inherently incompatible with Universal Human Rights, and also incompatible with equality laws in the UK.

"Playing the game"

We wish we rarely saw evidence in our media of UK Muslims "playing the game" by exploiting their religious characteristics in ways that exploit the rest of us. (Often these are not even required by Islam!)

Political Correctness

This is a problem on both sides. Typically a non-Muslim official implements a policy on the assumption that it is necessary to avoid offending Muslims, without bothering to check whether Muslims care. Often they don't, and probably resent the the fact that they have been shown in a bad light.

Creeping Islamisation

Islamisation occurs when there are sufficient Muslims in a country to agitate for their so-called "religious rights", where these are incompatible with the rights of other citizens, or provide extra privileges to Muslims that can validly be considered unfair.

Denial & diversion

When trouble arises, there is too much denial, such as "that isn't the true nature of Islam". Yet typically the trouble-makers come from Muslim communities and self-identify as Muslims. Comparison with Islam as practised across the world shows that this really is the true nature of Islam.

Future problems

We wish we had confidence that UK Muslims as a whole were committed to these improvements. Most of all, we wish we had confidence that the above improvements, if achieved, would continue!