Physiogram references

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Some physiograms on the web

Heinrich Heidersberger

The Master!

Heidersberger calls his equipment "The Rhythmograph". The large version is located in the Institut of Heidersberger and takes nearly twenty square meters. It has four pendulums, and produces light tracks on photographic material using a mechanically coupled mirror and a source of light. By controlling the frequency, phase shift, amplitude and amplitude of the pendulums, two of which drive the mirror vertically, two horizontally, "three-dimensional" images result:





usuff omar

usuff provides an on-line explanatory "paper" about "pendulum photography". On the basis of the images shown, he has control of precision, complexity, and colour.



Jake Howlett

Jake's physiograms have delicacy and precision sustained over a longish exposure.


Fun With Light




Paul Curran? Or "something28"?

I'm not sure who this is, but he or she deserves a place here:

Scott Wittenburg

Quality rather than quantity! I would like to see more from Scott.

A motion study

Allison Maier

Just one?


Harmonograms and Pendulograms

Related topics are harmonographs, and the harmonograms that are produced from them. Harmonographs are devices that draw similar traces, but typically using pen on paper. Similarly, pendulographs produce pendulograms.

Paul Bourke

Peter Joyes

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