Here are a few of my 100+ photographs taken on a day trip in June 2006 with the North Cheshire Photographic Society.


Crich Tramway Village is near Matlock, in Derbyshire, England. (Details of trams on my pages are copied from that website's Tram Fleet pages).

It is well named "Tramway Village" . It isn't just about trams, it is also about the historical environment in which they operated.


The Tramway Museum


Crich Tramway Village is the home of the National Tramway Museum.



It has lots of trams!

Multiple trams.



You can travel on them through the village, and through part of the countryside.



Don't come here if you can't tolerate trams!



The National Tramway Museum acquires and renovates trams of various eras from various parts of the world.

An aim is to restore them to working order for visitors to ride on.



The Museum also has conventional museum facilities, such as continual presentations and static displays.


The Tramway Village


There is free admission for drivers of pre-1968 vehicles. Perhaps they have to park on the main street?



Many authentic objects have been acquired and moved to the village.



Including telephones!

This box claims "This is the last Button A & B telephone box on the Public Telephone Network". (I didn't verify this).



I waited here for an hour for Rose Tyler to emerge.

(Perhaps just after I turned my back ...?)



There are wonderful objects to keep photographers busy all day, and more.



Some people enter into the spirit of things! These people looked right to the last detail.

They had to ask someone to take their picture with their own camera. Are photographers selfish people who take pictures, but don't think of giving pictures?


The Woodland Park

This has nothing really to do with trams! It is part of the whole site, adjacent to the Village, and covered by the same entrance charge. It includes a Woodland Walk and a Sculpture Trail.


One of the themes is "ants"!



The main material for the sculptures is wood.

This is "Green Man" by Andrew Frost.



This goat appears to be smelling the tower which is also shown below.

I wonder who this man is?



This is actually a maze, although I suspect few people get lost in it!

The sculpture shown below is just to the right of the twisted pillar in the centre in this photograph.



This interesting sculpture needs to be photographed with the sun in a better position.

During the summer, the sun may not shine through the coloured glass during the opening hours of the Village. Perhaps a trip during autumn or winter is needed.