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Alan Saunders - Wild Red Kite in Flight


Alan is a fellow-member of North Cheshire Photographic Society. He finishes among the top-scoring print and projected image workers each year. He has many awards and acceptances in international exhibitions. His website has 100s of stunning photographs to see and buy.

Photography organisations

North Cheshire Photographic Society

This is the local photographic society I belong to. "North Cheshire Photographic Society is a long-established, friendly but professional society whose aims are to promote and encourage all aspects of photography".

"The Royal Photographic Society was formed as The Photographic Society in 1853 with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert as patrons. It was granted the use of the title 'Royal' by decree in 1894. The Society's mission today, as in 1853, is 'to promote the Art and Science of Photography'." It is a charity.

RPS Member Links: This page of the Royal Photographic Society links to member's websites, including this one.

'The aim of the London Salon is to exhibit only that class of photographic work in which there is distinct evidence of artistic feeling and execution'. The London Salon of Photography is a unique body of photographers, from world wide membership, whose sole aim is to exhibit, annually, the very best of pictorial photographic imagery.

Atheist "stand up and be counted" web sites

OUTCampaign website

Atheists have always been at the forefront of rational thinking and beacons of enlightenment, and now you can share your idealism by being part of the OUT Campaign.

Atheists are far more numerous than most people realize. COME OUT of the closet! You'll feel liberated, and your example will encourage others to COME OUT too.

Brights Network website

Think about your own worldview to decide if it is free of supernatural or mystical deities, forces, and entities. If you decide that you fit the description above, then you are, by definition, a bright!

On this website, you can simply say so and, by doing so, join with other brights from all over the world in an extraordinary effort to change the thinking of society - the Brights movement.

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