Pentax Full Frame tests

Other people have done similar tests and published the results, see the following links.

I wanted confidence from doing the tests myself, and I wasn't necessarily asking the same question as some other tests.

My own post about this test

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My aim

What I really want to know is how useful my current lenses will be if Pentax launches a K-mount camera with a 36mm by 24mm ("Full Frame" or "FF") sensor. Hence whether I will initially have to buy additional lenses for particular types of photography if I buy that camera.

I can't determine that, given the unknowns, so I've tried to answer a simpler question: "how useful are my current lenses on a K-mount 35mm film camera?"

Method and discussion

Briefly, I loaded films into a Pentax film SLR, attached 6 DA and DA* lenses in turn, and photographed a brick wall and a simple test target. I had the films commercially processed and scanned, and uploaded the images to where they can be reached from the links near the bottom of this page.

There are more details of the method here:

And a set of related topics are discussed here:

Lenses tested

I tested all my (Pentax) DA and DA* lenses.
The scans and some analysis are at the following pages, one page per lens. Each image has a rectangle corresponding to an APS-C sensor superimposed.